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    So I feel a little vindicated by this article on ZDNet telling about a recent study that found Apple Users are not buying the bigger handsets. People on average just don’t have hands that big, to me the normal 6 and 6s are too big and I frequently have to do that double tap thing […]

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    Dear Tim. It’s been widely reported that Apple are about to start manufacturing big-ass versions of the iPhone product. This trend of super sizing phones is really naff (not good). On the UK there was an old TV programme staring a guy called Dom Jollie who would take an enormous prop phone into public places […]

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    Had a enlightening and infuriating afternoon today. At 5:45, I was sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop having a latte and a piece of cheese cake with my lovely wife. A small boy of middle eastern appearance and with an accent to match who must of been about ten years old, came over to our […]