Well tonight a young lady in internet land said the phrase I have been waiting and dreaming all my life for: “that’s way too big for me”. Alas, she was referring to the size of my jigsaw puzzle on OMGPOP not any thing else but we can dream can’t we. is a ruthlessly adictive […]

Pay per view

I was faintly amused by the headline on the Guardian website – ‘The Times they are a charging’, of course in reference to Mr Murdoch’s plan to charge for content on NI’s websites. I have always firmly held the belief that if you restrict access to content on websites, either by unpaid subscription or worst […]


Apparently the word Trojan is associated with a number of different things not just the inhabitants of the city of Troy, a computer malware infestation or a brand of condom in the USA. But it is a strange quirk of fate that these last two should come together in some small way in the news […]

Tilt Shift

There is something facinating about tilt shift photography that invokes a child like wonder in me, I think it’s because it makes the world look like one of those uber detailed model railway sets my Dad took me to see and that old guys had spent years making and I knew I could never make […]

Elevate America?

Microsoft has long known that education was the key to getting customers used to their products when young and as a result have locked in the educational establishments to Windows and other products all over the world by creating a pricing model (the first one is always free) that get’s MS in the door and […]

RIP Visual Hub

My favourite software for converting the various movie file formats from around the internet into something the iPod and Apple TV can cope with, has been killed off by it’s author in, kind of, mysterious circumstances. Tyler from Techspansion had this to say on his home page: …After much soul-searching (it’s not you, it’s me), […]