Facebook OpenComputes.cx

Just been reading about FaceBook’s new initiative to Open Source their datacentre designs – opencompute.org. Interesting stuff, although ¬†I can’t actually see that much thats original – cut out the stuff on the mother boards you don’t need – it is a sort of cut down server element – like a blade but on chilli […]

iPad and the BBC

In the morning we normally have the BBC news on while we are getting ready. At about 08:20 this morning they did a piece about the iPad, well I say ‘a piece’, it was a hatchet job. Technology reporter Rory Cellan-Jones, who looked quite flustered and confused for some reason, had a bunch of pad […]

WAC=MSX+30 years?

Thirty years after a bunch of far eastern companies (and other) got¬†together to develop a common application platform, a bunch of far eastern (and other) companies have got together to develop a common application platform. The snappily named Wholesale Application Community is a consortium of mobile phone manufacturers and service providers that are banding together […]

New Year 2010

Well it’s the morning after the night before and I have awoken on my sofa. The day is bright and there’s a sprinkling of snow on our cars that looks like icing sugar sprinkled from a giant sieve in the same way as mince pies have. The start of a new year and a new […]

Microsoft’s Stores

A recent gallery of pictures on CNET show’s the similarities of the Microsoft store ‘idea’ to the Apple Stores (I put that word in quotes because I don’t think Microsoft have had an original idea since Gates thought it would be a good ‘idea’ to charge for software). One difference that strikes me however is […]


I guess the real difference between being a blogger and writing professionally is that when you are paid to write, you have to write to get paid. This simple truth might explain why I am so crap at updating the blog – I don’t have to so I am therefore not compelled to unless there […]