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  • Smallbig

    So I feel a little vindicated by this article on ZDNet telling about a recent study that found Apple Users are not buying the bigger handsets. People on average just don’t have hands that big, to me the normal 6 and 6s are too big and I frequently have to do that double tap thing […]

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  • Easily forgotten


    As a long time Mac user (some 25+ years now) it is sometimes easy to forget just what a charmed existence we have. Recently we purchased a new machine for the household, a wintel laptop made by Hewlett Packard who for marketing reasons I am sure, chose to name the device an “Envy”. On paper […]

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  • CoreData at the heart of FCPX

    From what I am reading an Apple Technology called CoreData is at the heart of the new Final Cut Pro X software. CoreData is a bit like a monolithic database that stores all the metadata for all your FCPX projects, instead of the data being stored in a project file as Final Cut Pro did. […]

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  • All a matter of scale

    I sent my buddy Ian (probably the only reader of this blog – Hi mate) an article from Daring Fireball: Demoted Monday, 6 June 2011 Today’s was a jam-packed keynote. Apple announced a lot of news; there is much to talk and think about. But the key line was when Steve Jobs, describing iCloud replacing […]

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  • Thought for the day – why did M$ buy Skype

    That’s a lot of money to buy an Internet phone company isn’t it? Well, yes really, until you think a little differently and know a bit about how Skype works. Skype is actually a distributed computing platform, the data that makes up your telephone and video calls is not gateway through a massive datacenter somewhere […]

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  • SpotifApple?

    Here’s a prediction that probably will fall flat, but I have been looking at Spotify recently – good but could be so much better. Apple need to buy Spotify and incorporate it into iTunes – 10 million tracks at random chosen by Apple Genius. What more could you want. As I said, probably barking up […]