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    gone wrong - 1

    Over the last twenty years I have somehow managed to survive countless rounds of redundancy (I am not entirely sure how to be honest), but needless to say the company has regular seasonal purges and sheds staff like a labrador sheds fur. This year there was yet another round. I, once again have escaped but […]

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  • Been a bit busy


    So it’s been a while! Over a year. Lots have happened. We now have dogs, two Labrador puppies (well not so much now) The kids are grown or growing up fast. This year they will be 21 and 16. Goodness I feel ancient. I am still at the same company and at long last we […]

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  • Not THAT god, just ‘a’…..

    In my role at the studios I quite often mix the bands when they come in, both the Sun and News of the World have music sections to their papers and websites and quite often music companies send artists to us on the promo trail that leads them from radio station to TV channels and […]