Little ones at the front

I vowed not to comment – too close to home, but there comes a time… It is worth mentioning before I rant that although I work for the papers, I am just a techie and my pay grade dictates that I am told nothing about anything. All the opinions expressed here are based on reports […]

Advice from the Dalai Lama

This was purloined from someone’s blog but I lost the URL so my apologies to the original owner but I thought it was a great piece of text.. At the start of the new millennium the Dalai Lama apparently issued eighteen rules for living. Since word travels slowly in the digital age these have only […]

Been a long time

You blink and then shwosh it’s the new year. Yes OK I have been a little delinquent with my blogging recently – too much work, not enough life to talk about I guess. Much has gone by in the last half a year; I now have an iPad, SunTalk has finished, my Son is now […]


Brad(s) Wright Which one you ask? Well both of them actually. It is not often you meet someone with the same name as you (unless you are called John Smith I guess). Some time ago I started receiving mistakenly addressed emails for someone in Australia with the same name as me – Brad Wright. After […]

Looking a bit Gray

As I mentioned yesterday there is a very unfortunate soul who (hopefully) is still on the Apple Campus, one Gray Powell who accidently lost a prototype 4th gen iPhone about two weeks ago. Apparently (according to who bought the device) someone did try to give the phone back to Apple but were unable to. […]

Flash Mob

Here’s a possible reason for the lack of flash support on the iPhone – Adverts. I think that Apple’s purchase of mobile advertising company¬†Quattro wireless is part of their strategy to corner the mobile advertising market and it will make it rewarding to app developers to include their advertising in free apps on the store. […]

New Year 2010

Well it’s the morning after the night before and I have awoken on my sofa. The day is bright and there’s a sprinkling of snow on our cars that looks like icing sugar sprinkled from a giant sieve in the same way as mince pies have. The start of a new year and a new […]