Tempted by the ‘S’?

Ok, Personally I don’t think there’s an overwhelming reason to get the new iPhone. OK it’s faster, has better GPS, a compass, voice commands and more memory but apart from that, what has it got to offer us right? But what about you dear reader, are you tempted by the toys, the machismo, the tethering? […]


Apparently the word Trojan is associated with a number of different things not just the inhabitants of the city of Troy, a computer malware infestation or a brand of condom in the USA. But it is a strange quirk of fate that these last two should come together in some small way in the news […]

Monopoly money

The point is, cellphone service providers know that they can do what they like with their customer base, they have us and Apple over a barrel and are whipping us for all we are worth until we or the product breaks under the strain. It is not good for us and it is not healthy for Apple to be beholden to these companies. It’s time for a change.

S is for…..

OK, it’s a day later and the WWDC announcement is now history and I am 50p poorer having bet Ian that a NoteBook would be forthcoming this time around. There’s quite a bit of other good news however and if you have an iPhone, I think the 3.0 software upgrade will be worth the effort. […]

MWSF2009 – the last??

Ah, it must be January, the Mac rumour mill is working overtime, Steve Jobs is (apparently) on his deathbed – again – and the industry press are getting their knickers in a twist over what will happen in the hour or so before a trade exhibition in San Francisco opens it’s doors to the public. […]