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  • Smallbig

    So I feel a little vindicated by this article on ZDNet telling about a recent study that found Apple Users are not buying the bigger handsets. People on average just don’t have hands that big, to me the normal 6 and 6s are too big and I frequently have to do that double tap thing […]

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  • Easily forgotten


    As a long time Mac user (some 25+ years now) it is sometimes easy to forget just what a charmed existence we have. Recently we purchased a new machine for the household, a wintel laptop made by Hewlett Packard who for marketing reasons I am sure, chose to name the device an “Envy”. On paper […]

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  • Twitchy much

    Wall Street sign is mounted near the flag-draped facade of the New York Stock Exchange

    So, once again Apple has had a fantastic quarter, made billions of dollars and is generally quite happy with itself, however the Wall Street sheepies are twitchy again. No only has Apple not released details of how well the Watch is doing and the iPad is not selling like it once was (more on this […]

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  • Big small


    Dear Tim. It’s been widely reported that Apple are about to start manufacturing big-ass versions of the iPhone product. This trend of super sizing phones is really naff (not good). On the UK there was an old TV programme staring a guy called Dom Jollie who would take an enormous prop phone into public places […]

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  • Beatsing the drum


    Is it just me or did Apple pay over the odds for Beats. So apparently they paid $3B – $2.5B of that for the hardware business and £500m for their streaming music service. If they wanted a streaming music service why not buy Spotify? Who the heck subscribes to Beats? I don’t know anyone who […]

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  • Macs no longer to be Pro

    The latest rumour from the internets is that Apple are considering canning the Mac Pro product line, because people are not buying them. Well when they are such a premium product I am not that surprised, however there are many of Apple’s core industries rely on pci-express – Audio, video to name two and for […]

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  • Steven P. Jobs 1955-2011

    After many years of battling illness, Steve Jobs – co founder of Apple, has passed away aged 56 I guess in respect for Steve’s Buddhist beliefs, I should probably say moved on. You could tell that Steve knew he wasn’t long for this life by the way he was getting his affairs in order, in […]

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  • CoreData at the heart of FCPX

    From what I am reading an Apple Technology called CoreData is at the heart of the new Final Cut Pro X software. CoreData is a bit like a monolithic database that stores all the metadata for all your FCPX projects, instead of the data being stored in a project file as Final Cut Pro did. […]