Macs no longer to be Pro

The latest rumour from the internets is that Apple are considering canning the Mac Pro product line, because people are not buying them. Well when they are such a premium product I am not that surprised, however there are many of Apple’s core industries rely on pci-express – Audio, video to name two and for […]

Protests worldwide

The people (proletariat?) seem to have had enough with the rich living off the cream while the other 99.99% of us get skimmed milk. I particularly love this reaction to Chilian soldiers at one demonstration: A demonstrator pulls down his pants in front of riot police during a 48-hour national strike in Santiago on August […]

A year to go until my holiday (apparently)

Not that I am going anywhere in particular, just away to avoid the embarrasing 2012 Olympics in my home town, London. The traffic will be obscene, the tube trains will grind to a halt and work will be unbearable as news organisations always are every four years – this time especially so with it being […]

Little ones at the front

I vowed not to comment – too close to home, but there comes a time… It is worth mentioning before I rant that although I work for the papers, I am just a techie and my pay grade dictates that I am told nothing about anything. All the opinions expressed here are based on reports […]