Twitchy much

So, once again Apple has had a fantastic quarter, made billions of dollars and is generally quite happy with itself, however the Wall Street sheepies are twitchy again.

No only has Apple not released details of how well the Watch is doing and the iPad is not selling like it once was (more on this in a minute) but Apple didn’t meet the over inflated expectations of the market – they far exceded their own estimates but because some butt head said that they expected more, the market ishaving a paddy and the share price has dropped.

Great, what a good time for Apple to continue it’s shares buyback programme.

As for the iPad, I like to think that I am a normal Apple user (OK not that normal I grant you). I have an iPad mini – the original one, and I don’t need to update at the moment, it works perfectly well and does everything I need it to do – web browsing and emails mainly. It runs the Apps I need it to and is generally fine for me and I would imagine most iPad users are pretty much in the same mind.

There is no overwhelming reason for us to buy a new iPad at the moment, the market is reaching saturation and so there is a sales drop off.

If they are going to chase sales of the iPad then there needs to be some big change to the device or it’s OS that makes it compelling to get the next model, until that happens (and I think iOS9 may be the catalyst for this), sales will stay low.

After it happens there of course will be lot’s of bitching about how Apple always bring out new ones making the old ones obsolete.

You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

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