Beatsing the drum

Is it just me or did Apple pay over the odds for Beats.

So apparently they paid $3B – $2.5B of that for the hardware business and £500m for their streaming music service.

If they wanted a streaming music service why not buy Spotify? Who the heck subscribes to Beats? I don’t know anyone who does – do you?

Also $2.5B for their hardware business – WTF? they sell crappy headphones! How can that business be worth that much – I know they are popular with a certain type of person (insert style over content Apple comment here) but that’s a shed load of cash – hell they could of bought Sennheiser if they wanted good headphones, or Bose or Bowers and Wilkins or BEO or any number of other companies that make great kit – but Beats? – Really guys?

I am probably missing something, you know some strategic technology acquisition that makes it all make sense.

$2,500,000,000 (shakes head)

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