Water, bridge, stuff like that

Well another year is upon us, 2012 – a year of great portent, the Olympics, the Jubilie and the (apparently) impending doom of the end of the world.

As anyone who has tried to keep a diary or write a blog will know, writing regularly is a challenge, especially when each day consists of get up, go to work, get home, eat sleep, repeat and nothing (particularly interesting for others) happens.

The usual stock-in-trade of the Mac Head blogger like me are Apple releases or moans, but apart from the iPhone 4S (which is more or less exactly the same as the original ‘4’) not that much has happened really – just lots of profit and patents.

Work is bizarre at the moment but if you know where I work, you will know it’s not something I can really blog about and remain employed.

Home life is OK but unless you want to hear about my new sofa, which I doubt (although I might poll to see if you do!) there’s not much to write about .

So there you have it, I am leading an unexceptional life and not much is happening in my world, hense my lack of posts recently.

I can start making shit up if you like? No, didn’t think so.

Rest assured PJ fans, I will find something to moan about soon.


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