Little ones at the front

I vowed not to comment – too close to home, but there comes a time…

It is worth mentioning before I rant that although I work for the papers, I am just a techie and my pay grade dictates that I am told nothing about anything.

All the opinions expressed here are based on reports from around the media and my own experience of news organisations. I most definitely am not party to any of the issues causing the company so much controversy at the moment. I feel I had to write some sort of disclaimer on this post because I am truly fearful of the lynch-mob mentality that is going around at the moment.

Well this is a mess isn’t it?

The feeding frenzy that the media sharks are indulging in a the moment has already resulted in 200 innocent people losing their place of employment (they are however not out of a job yet), and if the muck spreading doesn’t stop soon I suspect many many more good people will be in the same situation.

Mr M. has never been popular with the liberal masses but this is beginning to look like victimisation on the part of the Guardian and BBC.

Anyone who has a beef with the M family, Mrs B. or N.C. generally have given up reporting just the truth, but are now just plain making shit up to stick the knife in further.

People who haven’t been hacked (IMHO) are just believing what these morons are reporting and then going on BBC news and saying it must be all true and how terrible it all is and how disgusting.

I’ll tell you what is disgusting. The media spending millions of pounds and days of airtime covering this story when thousands of people are starving, thirsty and perishing in Mogadishu.

Looking on the BBC news channel the crisis unfolding in the Somalia is nowhere to be seen, the front page taken up with the ‘scandal’, you really have to dig to find it in “World news-Africa“. That my friends is ‘disgusting’.

To my knowledge no-one has died due to the actions of the NoW. No-one was physically injured by these events.

I agree, the actions of an number of independent contractors working at the paper was at times deplorable – at best a gross invasion of privacy and at it’s worst they hampered the progress of the Millie Dowler investigation and gave false hope to Millie’s suffering parents who were under such mental anguish I can’t begin to imagine how it felt.

These people, however amoral, didn’t kill Millie. It seems to me they are being vilified by the press more than the individual that did (and a number of other poor souls).

The commercial pressure placed upon all news organisations to come up with the next big story is immense. NoW were not unique for what they did, just for who their owner is/was.

I find it unbelievable that none of the other national newspapers have used private investigators, none have used blagging to obtain pertinent information for a story and none realised that most mobile phones voicemail services and answer machine have four digit security codes that are rarely changed from the defaults. These practices are probably widespread in the industry.

There is always more behind these headlines than we are told. Somewhere someone is playing chess and we are all the little ones at the front.

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  1. Rant over – incoherent as ever, but it felt good to get it off my chest.

  2. Mike Wallis says: Reply

    Yep, agree with quite a few of your points, it does seem that the self-serving politicians (isn’t that the definition of “politician”) have decided that the big media organisations are not paying enough, or rather they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are quickly finger pointing.

    Either way they have decided that they’re tired of pampering (and generally kissing bootie) the mainstream media (does this correlate with a drop in readership in the publications?) and are trying to distance themselves (as quickly as their “ever so clean” fingers can crawl away)

    So my take on this whole thing
    * Media (in it’s entirety – including other forms) Guilty
    * Politicians (no matter what party) Guilty
    * Police Guilty

    Just as well I’m not in charge!

    — mike

  3. I couldn’t agree more, people in glass houses…

    Current major issues around the world: Somalia, Mumbai, Hospital serial killer, Eurozone defaults, US potential default

    Maybe the politicians should start looking at plurality of media and the BBC, considering there continued biased coverage

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