CoreData at the heart of FCPX

From what I am reading an Apple Technology called CoreData is at the heart of the new Final Cut Pro X software.
CoreData is a bit like a monolithic database that stores all the metadata for all your FCPX projects, instead of the data being stored in a project file as Final Cut Pro did. I believe this is the same for the latest generation of iMovie too and is the basis of the ‘events’ based organisation in these packages.
This is why (currently) there’s no direct import of FinalCut Pro projects into FCPX and is also why it’s not possible to use Final Cut Server with the new software.
CoreData doesn’t seem to directly lend itself to network environments – looking at various articles it seems to be another one of those Apple Technologies where they have taken it just so far and not thought how it might be used in the wider environment.
Cue collective sigh and shake of bowed heads. I might even venture a facepalm at the same time.

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