Not THAT god, just ‘a’…..

In my role at the studios I quite often mix the bands when they come in, both the Sun and News of the World have music sections to their papers and websites and quite often music companies send artists to us on the promo trail that leads them from radio station to TV channels and then us.

Eliza Doolottle and her band have been to the studios twice now, performing for firstly NoW XS and recently the Sun Bizarre page.

When the bands come in I talk to them via the floor monitors from the gallery  when we are setting up and to tell them when we are ready to go etc. The first time Eliza came in we joked about my disembodied voice being the ‘voice of god (not THAT god but a god – the god of sound perhaps), they found it funny and it helped break the ice.  I was pretty jazzed when they remembered it when they came in for their Biz session and we joked about it again.

Although Eliza’s Biz session won’t be posted for another couple of weeks, this afternoon the SunTalk guys managed to get her on the phone to talk about the session for the Gordon Smart Bizarre show. There was a horrible delay on the phone from where she was, which didn’t help the flow of the conversation but this is a podcast of the show. Check out the bit about 00:58 – 01:12.

Every time I hear it I can’t help laughing. Mental

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