iGlad or iFad?

Well it’s out, the Apple device is called the iPad, is small cute and expensive enough to get some people moaning about it’s price but affordable for the devout/fashionably stupid to get one. Looks quite nice and I’m sure it will be a roaring sucess, but why isn’t there a camera and iChat for comms? […]

Flash Mob

Here’s a possible reason for the lack of flash support on the iPhone – Adverts. I think that Apple’s purchase of mobile advertising company¬†Quattro wireless is part of their strategy to corner the mobile advertising market and it will make it rewarding to app developers to include their advertising in free apps on the store. […]

New Year 2010

Well it’s the morning after the night before and I have awoken on my sofa. The day is bright and there’s a sprinkling of snow on our cars that looks like icing sugar sprinkled from a giant sieve in the same way as mince pies have. The start of a new year and a new […]