Michael Jackson dies aged 50

The news sites are reporting that Michael Jackson has died of a heart attack today. Although I liked much of his (and his family’s music), I am struggling to feel any sympathy for the guy as he was recently. He has had a troubling couple of decades in many ways. The surgery, the illness, and the allegations and speculation behind his dealings with children. Perhaps now he’s dead and won’t sue, the real truth about the alleged paedophile scandals will come out.

I expect there will be an emotional outpouring by all his die-hard fans. The press will hypocritically lord him for his body of work (despite vilifying him previously) and Capital Radio will run his tracks back to back.

I also predict a run of “he isn’t dead really” conspiracy theories in a week or so (he was broke and had concert commitments soon he was having difficulties fulfilling).

I don’t wish death on anyone, but I find it unpalatable that this guy (who let’s face it publicly paid off a kid to shut him up about alleged pervy nights at the Neverland ranch) will be painted as some sort of music saint and the bad bits barely mentioned.

He has left behind three kids – I can’t think how they might be affected by the whole circus around him. It is them I feel sorry for most really.

Rest in peace MJ and now sleep well, the parents of California.

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