Apparently the word Trojan is associated with a number of different things not just the inhabitants of the city of Troy, a computer malware infestation or a brand of condom in the USA.

But it is a strange quirk of fate that these last two should come together in some small way in the news that some new malware is masquerading as a missing software component when browsing the most popular of website genre’s, the internet porn site.

As this article in Information Week points out the Trojan (called OSX/Jahlav-C apparently) prompts the user to install an Active X component to view a movie, this should of course be a give-away as Active X is a Microsoft technology and is not normally associated with the Mac platform however in the heat of lust driven furvor you guys (yes you –  you know who you are) should beware not enter your admin password when prompted no matter how big they are or whatever she is doing with that legume.

Let’s be careful out there.

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