S is for…..

OK, it’s a day later and the WWDC announcement is now history and I am 50p poorer having bet Ian that a NoteBook would be forthcoming this time around.
There’s quite a bit of other good news however and if you have an iPhone, I think the 3.0 software upgrade will be worth the effort. I am not that sure yet whether at £300 for the 32GB, it will be worth me putting my hand in my pocket.
Ian (of course) will upgrade, he is on P&G and is forever complaining that 16GB is not big enough for him. If the new hardware is demonstrably faster and better then I will consider it – I’ll just let my chief tester Ian try it first 🙂
Roll on the 17th of June.

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  1. I’ll put the 50p toward it : ) when it’s available on P&G.
    To be honest the better battery life alone would make me upgrade and my old phone already has a home : )

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