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Eddie Waters (pic. - The Sun)

Working in the newspaper industry for 15 years, I have met many “characters” – all of whom make life more interesting and a richer place.

I had news today of the passing of Eddie Waters, a member of staff who had worked for most of the NI newspapers, but mostly for the News of the World and Sunday Times (while I knew him anyway) as a picture desk operator and researcher.
Eddie was eloquent, a little bohemian and sometimes ‘demanding’ (of the Technology support staff at least), but he and I had a history that meant that we knew each other quite well so he was nice towards me and although not friends, we were quite friendly and chatted when we met.

When Eddie ‘retired’ a few years ago, he held a party at the Wiltons Music hall in Wapping and invited everyone that had been “nice to him” over the years, the location was chosen because his family being from the stage had played there. Eddie didn’t stop working after his retirement and was still at NI at least until a few weeks ago when I saw and spoke to him.
I was unaware that he had been ill and he of course didn’t mention it when we met, however apparently he had recently undergone surgery to remove a tumor and seemed to be recovering well. He suffered a heart attack this morning however and died about 7am.
People like Eddie seem like they will be around forever and it is a shock to those left behind when they are gone.
The world is a less colourful place for his passing.

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  1. Ian says: Reply

    I can only echo Bradley’s comments, I always got on well with Eddie and I am saddened at his passing.

    I remember Eddie’s retirement party at Wiltons Music Hall, there were people from all areas of the NI business, which I feel was a great testament to Eddie’s popularity.

    He would always ask how I was when I saw him, however busy he was.

    The world and NI will be a less colourful place without him.

  2. Deborah Harding says: Reply

    I too knew Eddie for about 15 years when I was working at NI. We became friends and went to the theatre together on many occasions. He often came to see me when he was working and always remembered my birthday. I too have great memories of that party at Wiltons – organised and executed with style and grace. He will be much missed by many.

  3. Brad says: Reply

    In the Times yesterday:

    News in Brief: In memory of Eddie Waters
    May 3, 2009

    In memory of Eddie Waters

    Eddie Waters, a picture editor who worked on News International titles for 40 years, died suddenly yesterday aged 67.

    Fondly remembered as an old-school gentleman, he was the nephew of Jack Warner, the actor.

    Ray Wells, picture editor of The Sunday Times, said: “His knowledge of the arts, combined with dedication to his craft and great charm, made him unique.”

  4. Brad says: Reply

    Edited the post to tidy the language a little.

  5. Prudence Buttle says: Reply

    I first met Eddie in 1988 in Australia. He was such a gentleman. We remained friends and met for the occasional theatre, concert or heaven forbid, his favourite pantomimes. He was too young to go and this news is an awful loss. I know he will be missed by many.

  6. Marie O'Connell says: Reply

    I feel so desperately sorry that Eddie has left us, I had to add my feelings to your site.
    Everything that has been said about him peviously is true, and I feel so sorry that yet again another unique individual has gone.
    I have never bothered to work out how long it is that I have known him, but it is actually about 39 years now.
    I worked with Doug McKenzie for roughly 20 years, and as photographers during probably one of the most exciting periods in Showbusiness history, we met regularly with Eddie both socially and professionally.
    Through all these years, during the Billy Marsh era and beyond, we enjoyed his quiet, funny outlook on life and his observations about everything from the arts to life in general.
    Having a ‘photograpers eye’ he picked up on all kinds of things that others missed.
    Kind, thoughtful (always remembered things like birthdays) generous, knowledgable and witty. I, as so many of you, will miss him terribly.

  7. Mike Smith says: Reply

    Eddie was a real gent. I had the pleasure of working with him for best part of 20 years on the Sun picture desk. He rarely got upset even in the most trying times. I wouldn’t think he had an enemy in the world. After I retired he would keep me up to date on happenings at Wapping. I’ll miss you, Ed.

  8. Ben Gould says: Reply

    Eddie was a fantastic supporter of the Arts. He came to almost every LSO concert at the Barbican and would sit in his ‘usual’ seat near the front of the stalls wearing his trademark green jacket that made him instantly recognizable even when I was sat in the balcony!

    I used to work for the LSO and always spoke to Eddie at every concert and was very surprised when I saw Eddie when we were on tour in Daytona in 2005. He had many friends in the US and was happy to coincide his trips so he could see the LSO too!

    Since I left the LSO and begun at the ECO, I had seen Eddie at Cadogan Hall for ECO concerts, and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him. I last saw him at our Cadogan Hall concert in March when he told me that I would see him next at our May 13 Cadogan Hall concert….

    Eddie was a very kind, generous man and always a gentleman. He supported many arts organisations including the LSO, ECO and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

    For the 4/5 years that I was fortunate enough to know Eddie, it was an absolute pleasure. The world and indeed the Barbican Hall will be a less colourful place now without his character and his green jacket!

  9. Eddie was a valued supporter of Clonter Opera Theatre, not only at our base in Cheshire but also for our annual ‘tour’ to the Britten Theatre. He was indeed ‘an old-school gentleman’ and he will be missed both professionially and personally by all of us at Clonter.

  10. Jennifer Mays says: Reply

    Eddie was a close friend of my Gran’s, and I’d always see him when I attended Clonter with her.
    Starting as a classical singer myself, Eddie took a keen interest in my training and career, and came to concerts I performed in at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. He would always remember my birthday, posting a ‘Special Delivery (Fe-)Mail’ card into my college pigeon hole every year. He had intended to come to a show I was part of, back in February, but was delayed at work.
    It was a shock to read of his death in the paper. He will be greatly missed, particularly at Clonter, and especially by my Gran, to whom he was a great and constant friend.
    The memorial service will be held at St Giles, Cripplegate on 9th June, at 3pm.
    Eddie’s family have asked for donations to the Musicians Benevolent Fund in his memory.

  11. Brad says: Reply

    Hi all,

    I received a message from Ray Wells, Picture Editor of the Sunday Times today who asked me to say that (as mentioned by Jennifer Mays above) the memorial service will be held on 9th June 2009 at 3pm

    St Giles Cripplegate Church?
    Fore St
    London, City of London, EC2Y, United Kingdom
    +44 20 76381997
    Click here for a Map

    There will also be a reception afterwards at the Barbican centre with the LSO playing etc.
    All are welcome.


  12. Heard the sad news yesterday when Ray Wells called to tell me about the memorial service. What a gent Eddie was, and the most dedicated card sender in the world! He never missed a birthday (even my children!) or Christmas since I got to know him. There will be a sad moment when my next birthday comes around and there is no card from Eddie Waters. He must have kept the Barbican card shop in business single-handedly!!
    Even when he got angry with IT, or a courier he was still gentlemanly about it.

  13. Bill Hintze says: Reply

    My wife,Marian and I knew Eddie Waters when we were young people in Finchley, North London. He took our wedding phots on 19th June 1965; and an excellent job he did of them! I was a young voluntary Youth Leader at St Mary-at-Finchley for several years prior to our wedding and worked with him on a variety of shows for the Youth Fellowship, the Young Conservatives (for the social side only) and at The Finchley Youth Theatre; Eddie was a good comedian and link man in many shows with a great, but dry sense of humour. Unfortunately after we got married and moved away we lost touch with Eddie, mores the pity. We’ll try to make it to the Memorial Service in June – let’s hope St Giles is large enough for his lifetime of friends and acquaintances.

  14. I was sad to hear of the passing of Eddie. When I first came to NI he was part of The Sun team. He always made time to speak to you.
    A great loss.

  15. Melissa Waters Cahn says: Reply

    I just want to say how much it has meant to our family (Eddie was my Uncle) to read all of your comments – how many so perfectly describe the brother and uncle he was! We already miss him tremendously and still can’t believe he’s no longer with us.

    I look forward to seeing you in a fortnight.

    Westport, CT USA

  16. Leilah Leask says: Reply

    My grandmother Frances Waters was a cousin of Jack Warner and I’ve always meant to find out if there were any members of the Waters family still about. Seeing Eddie’s picture and tribute in the Sunday Times rekindled my interest. It’s sad that he’s no longer around as he sounds like a lovely man.
    I’m wondering if anyone knew of other members of his family who I could perhaps get in touch with. I’m thinking of attending the memorial service though not sure if it would be appropriate as I didn’t actually know him.

  17. It was with great sadness that I heard of Eddie’s death.
    He has been part of my life for 33 years; I first worked with him at London Management (Billy Marsh) when I was 17 years old.
    He missed my 50th Birthday Celebrations on 15th March but in true Eddie style called me on the day to wish me well and just said he was a little poorly.
    I shall cherish the memory of a wonderful holiday my mother and I had with him in Barbados some 10 years ago.
    It was comforting to read the fond comments above.

    – Consistently remembering Birthdays
    – Unique
    – The famous ‘Green Jacket’ which suited him so well and which I stitched back together to keep it going for him many a time!!
    – The cake that he sent to our family from the US each Christmas
    – His gentlemanly old school ways
    – His generosity and thoughtfulness
    – His refusal to move on to mobile telephones and email – marvellous!
    Rest in peace dear friend, we will miss you so very much.

  18. What a brilliant memorial service yesterday. Who would have known quite how widely Eddie’s (Edward’s!) circle of friends had spread.
    Ray Wells deserves a huge round of applause for organising everything – thanks odl bean. The music was absolutely amazing (I took a leaf out of Eddie’s book and sat right in front of the musicians…) and the tributes were great.

  19. Joel M Sacca says: Reply

    I never met Eddie face-to-face but I did business with him over the phone. I learn’t of his passing today and, despite not really knowing him at all, I am still gutted. He was a gentleman and there was the hint of a rogue to the chap. I entered into the world of journalism thinking that Hemingway still ruled the roost and old-school hacks were still waiting by telephones for the elusive scoop. I fear that, with Eddie’s passing, that particular breed may now be extinct. Chin chin Eddie, it was a pleasure.

  20. gary morecambe says: Reply

    It was such a shock to hear of Eddie’s sudden passing – sudden to those at least who assumed he would live forever, or certainly a lot longer than us mere mortals. His memorial service was so moving, and a fine tribute to a wonderful life. I first met Eddie in 1975 when we set up a press and publicity department for legendarly theatrical agent Billy Marsh. We only worked together for three years, then I left to marry and follow a whole different path in life. Yet Eddie never went away! Not only did the birthday and Christmas cards pursue me relentlessly wherever I moved, but we still managed to meet about three times a year for lunch. In recent years his visit to Wells Cathedral – Wells being the town (city) of his birth – meant a regular date in the diary as I live on the Somerset borders. He was such a great friend, colleague, inspirer of life, who saw no problems that a chilled fine white wine couldn’t resolve – and the first person to call in a difficult situation, who would offer calming and wise advice. I will miss you as much as everyone, dear Eddie. You will be with me till the end of my own days.

  21. Barbara Farah says: Reply

    I met Eddie when I worked for Transworld Features and he worked on The Sun over 30 years ago. We became firm friends and literally went around the world together.
    The Memorial Service on Tuesday was beautiful and I would like to say thank you also to Ray Wells for organising such a wonderful day.
    Edde was such gentleman and an amazing person to have as a friend. He always cheered me up and took me to some great places.
    I miss you so much Eddie.

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