Tilt Shift

There is something facinating about tilt shift photography that invokes a child like wonder in me, I think it’s because it makes the world look like one of those uber detailed model railway sets my Dad took me to see and that old guys had spent years making and I knew I could never make because I had neither the time or patience.

Real Tilt shift photography requires a lens attachment for one’s camera that sends the top and bottom of the frame out of focus and keeps the middle in focus. This emulates the very short depth of field that Macro lenses provide and fools the eye to think that the scene it sees is (Father Ted and Dougal style) very small and not far away.

An alternative method (and the one I used for the image below) is to ‘do it in post’ and use Photoshop to progressively blur the top and bottom of the frame with a Gaussian blur filter, it works and there are plug-ins that take some of that skill out of it too.


Sussex Cricket pitch Tiltshift

Sussex Cricket pitch Tiltshift

As ever there is always someone that show up my paltry efforts for what they are, BoingBoing had this posting the other day which is very cool. Someone has made a little tilt shift stop motion movie. The sound track is cool too:

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

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