Moan, Moan, Moan

Yes I know, I get a bit moany sometimes but there is so much to bitch about out there what with the artificially drummed up financial crisis (self fulfilling prophesy) and all the lay-offs etc, it is difficult to see the positive (or at least comment on them). 

So, on a positive note, I am currently really enjoying a secondment to the new video and audio studios we have built at work. I was given the opportunity by management to work there for a few months to help finish the project and learn what I could from the new Studio Manager, a very experienced chap from the UK TV industry.

It is a very new facility and we are all learning what and how to make, but we have done live bands, cookery, scantily clad models and celeb interviews. Not bad for a little studio. I guess it helps to have a few national newspapers upstairs!

If I can, I’ll post some pictures of the studios later.

Off to work now – wonder who we’ll have in today?

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