Elevate America?

Microsoft has long known that education was the key to getting customers used to their products when young and as a result have locked in the educational establishments to Windows and other products all over the world by creating a pricing model (the first one is always free) that get’s MS in the door and by the time the faculty is trained and there are lessons planned around MS products, they then raise the prices and bingo gravy train.

In a different tack, MS are now looking to ‘help’ (at first) adult America with a new programme to (according to CNET) ‘Elevate America’ by “training” 2 million plus people how to use MS products.

This on the face of it is fine and good but we have to remember that Microsoft is a commercial organisation and there has to be a value proposition Рwhich in this case is the indoctrination of potentially 2 million new customers while getting to look like the good guy.

Corporate PR genius really.

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