Evolution vs Creationism in the UK


Charles Darwin - Image Telegraph.co.uk
Charles Darwin - Image Telegraph.co.uk

Apparently we are slipping back in time in the UK. According to the Telegraph half the British public believe that evolution and science can’t explain life the universe and everything better than “In the beginning of God’s creation of the heavens and the earth……” 


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the dark ages, the round Earthers are being stoned to death for heresy and the black death is wiping out large parts of Europe because they have sinned (obviously) and their prayers for deliverance are falling on deaf ears.

For more deluded bullsquit look here, here and to the root of it all the old testament here .

Someone find me a way off this rock.

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  1. Ian says: Reply

    I think evolution explains all life on earth. Not sure it explains the beginnings of the Universe though, unless there was another Universe that ours came upon and ate : )

    I also believe in Albert Einstein’s General Relativity, the Big Bang and Black Holes.

    But I believe that something had to start it all, I struggle with infinite but also cannot except that the Universe ends and then there is nothing, there must be something, another Universe ?

    As for the round Earthers, I blame Aristotle!

    : )

  2. Ian says: Reply

    censorship or what, I posted comments last week! : )

  3. Brad says: Reply

    Agreed, Darwin never professed to understand the beginning of the universe or any of the other big questions. He dealt with evidence and there is (was – we got better at finding it) precious little of that to prove the current theories.

    In fact for most of his life, Darwin was religious, it was only after he had an epiphany when researching the his theory he decided that he was unable to believe in an almighty creator – the evidence just proved contrary to belief in a god.

    I believe that we are not equipped to understand the enormous complexity involved with the event or what is happening outside the measurable, observable space. We can theorise as much as we like and create equations to prove what we can observe and measure but these theories will always be just that, unprovable. It shouldn’t stop us making them and refining them as from those theories improvements to our society may come, but just as religion was the theory that ‘fitted’ two thousand years ago, the ideas of theoretical physicists mostly ‘fit’ today in some cases (I am lead to understand) even these have holes that call much into question.

    Thinking about the whole thing give’s me brain ache as I am sure it did to our ancestors which is why it was easier to say that an almighty supreme magical power(s) created all that we see, because if you don’t know about Molecules, atoms, electrons and sub atomic particles, how could you explain why I can sit on a sofa or why water runs and rock appears to stand still, why the sky is blue, what those dots in the night sky are and why if you let go of something it accelerates towards the ground? (ok the jury is still out on that last one but you get the point)
    Now we know about all these things, because we can observe and measure and prove the theories that describe them, why would anyone believe in a creator?
    I guess it is because it is easy and comfortable and as a believer ‘I’ wouldn’t have to think about it too much and because mom and dad did and a book and this guy that seems really nice and genuine told me that it is all true and because well, we have always believed in it haven’t we so it must be true. And when ‘I’ have problems in ‘my’ life and ‘I’ talk to my ‘god’ – who isn’t there in person of course (that would be mental) – but hears ‘me’ because it is omniscient, that god may choose to help ‘me’ – or not because god works in mysterious ways of course.
    Religion is fixed in our language, even I find myself saying stuff like “thank god for that”. We are brainwashed to say and in turn think this stuff all throughout our early lives, we sing hymns in school, we say that truth is “gospel”, it is entrenched. It is wrong.
    Although Clarke was talking about technology created by man when he said it, the phrase “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” can also be applied to the creation question. Just because we can’t explain or understand something it doesn’t mean it is magical or divine, we just don’t know how it happened.


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