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  • Moan, Moan, Moan

    Yes I know, I get a bit moany sometimes but there is so much to bitch about out there what with the artificially drummed up financial crisis (self fulfilling prophesy) and all the lay-offs etc, it is difficult to see the positive (or at least comment on them).  So, on a positive note, I am […]

  • Tech
  • Elevate America?

    Microsoft has long known that education was the key to getting customers used to their products when young and as a result have locked in the educational establishments to Windows and other products all over the world by creating a pricing model (the first one is always free) that get’s MS in the door and […]

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  • Ahhh, that’s why….

    There are lies damn lies and there are statistics thrown about by religious organisations. My mistake for not reading below the surface a little. The statistics the Telegraph were quoting in their article were provided by Theos, a so called ‘Think Tank’ (we tell you what to think or we send in the tanks) organisation […]

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  • Evolution vs Creationism in the UK

      Apparently we are slipping back in time in the UK. According to the Telegraph half the British public believe that evolution and science can’t explain life the universe and everything better than “In the beginning of God’s creation of the heavens and the earth……”    Meanwhile, elsewhere in the dark ages, the round Earthers […]