KEyn..zzzzzzz…(nudge)….Eh? oh, KEYNOTE yay!

There comes a time in every Apple Keynote (about T minus 55 minutes normally) when you know if it is going to be disappointing. Tuesday 6th Jan 2009 5:55pm UK time was that time.

When there are only three things on the agenda and they have spent most of the first hour talking about iLife, they are clutching at straws to finish the full 90 minutes. I suppose it could have been worse, the three things could have been iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand and then good bye folks.

My (our) hopes of significant hardware releases are however burning dully in the corner of the room and I am left deflated.

Don’t get me wrong, the new tech in iPhoto and iMovie (but especially ‘faces’ in iPhoto) is nothing short of remarkable, I just – as always – want more.

I guess that is Apple’s marketing skill, their Barnum-esqe show is designed to bring the faithful to their knees salivating about what could have been and what could be if their deity ordains to listen to their emailed and blogged prayers.

Like all good divine entities there will be no response from Apple regarding requests from their flock, merely that if the truly faithful get their rewards they will think it is the answer to their prayers and if they don’t then they were not worthy anyway and need to flog themselves just that little bit harder to prove their piety.

Despite my jaded synacism, I am already aching to get my hands on iLife 09 and may even buy a copy – with real money!

I am sure that soon, the announcement of a Special Event at the Town Hall conference room in Apple HQ Cupertino will sing of MacMini’s and iMacs and other lovely gifts from our gadget gods for all us faithful to the cause.

I know this of course because I BELIEVE, the deity spoke to me see, a voice in my head. Don’t you hear it too? – No? well you just need to believe more that’s all. Where’s that crop?

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