Big small

Dear Tim.
It’s been widely reported that Apple are about to start manufacturing big-ass versions of the iPhone product. This trend of super sizing phones is really naff. On the UK there was an old TV programme staring a guy called Dom Jollie who would take an enormous prop phone into public places and then have a conversation about embarrassing g stuff at the top of his voice making the viewer cringe. The trend of certain manufacturers producing their own massive dimension smartphone is just like this gag.
The average person does not want something the size of a roofing tile in their pocket. Some might say the current iPhone is too big.
So, please, let the iPhone6 be the pocket friendly size if the previous generations and not the impractical iPad wannabe you are alleged to launch.

Yours sincerely

Pushing Jelly

Beatsing the drum

Is it just me or did Apple pay over the odds for Beats.

So apparently they paid $3B – $2.5B of that for the hardware business and £500m for their streaming music service.

If they wanted a streaming music service why not buy Spotify? Who the heck subscribes to Beats? I don’t know anyone who does – do you?

Also $2.5B for their hardware business – WTF? they sell crappy headphones! How can that business be worth that much – I know they are popular with a certain type of person (insert style over content Apple comment here) but that’s a shed load of cash – hell they could of bought Sennheiser if they wanted good headphones, or Bose or Bowers and Wilkins or BEO or any number of other companies that make great kit – but Beats? – Really guys?

I am probably missing something, you know some strategic technology acquisition that makes it all make sense.

$2,500,000,000 (shakes head)

Foreigner in my own country

As I sit here on the train to Liverpool Street, I can hear many voices of fellow travellers and it occurs to me none of them are speaking English. There’s Spanish, various forms of Asian languages, dialects that sound like Russian (they could be Latvian or Ukraine however). An so I’m sitting wondering what happened to all the British English speaking people. Is this the new Britain? We have always been an island of mixed people, there’s barely a true Anglo Saxon among us anymore, but through nationalism (and probably an unhealthy dose of racism and xenophobia), most emmagrants have tried to adapt, tried to become British. I think it is the sheer scale of immigration that is allowing/causing the reluctance to adapt.
Where as before the drip of immigration meant that social integration was vital for the immigrant to “get on” in their new life, now the influx caused by Europe’s open borders means that ghettos of various nationalities, silos of languages and customs have developed across our country.
This has happened before of course, notable examples being Brixton, Slough and Bradford, these being driven by the racial undertones of last century’s England. Today’s ghettoisation is more to do with convenience for the immigrant, many cant speak English when they arrive and so settle where the shops speak their language and sell their foods from home. This is much like the English Ex-Pats in Spain and other countries that gather in certain areas, for example Bennedorm.
What can we do as a nation, if we should do anything? Like the citizens of Bradford, Slough and Brixton have, these colonies will gradually integrate. The social boom and benefits bonanza that made moving to the UK an attractive proposition are mostly gone so we may even see migration back to their countries of origin.
I think the conclusion we should take is that Britain is a sum of its parts. From time immorial we have suffered invaders, intruders and invitees, we are the resultant mess of peoples, a nation if immigrants.

Been a bit busy

So it’s been a while! Over a year. Lots have happened.
We now have dogs, two Labrador puppies (well not so much now)

The kids are grown or growing up fast. This year they will be 21 and 16.
Goodness I feel ancient.

I am still at the same company and at long last we have a studio again with lots of toys, I wish we had been allowed more of a hand in the process but it’s a start.
My long suffering friend Ian has recently been put out of his misery and relieved of his job in the latest round of rationalisations. Not cool.

So that’s a very quick status check.

I have no excuse for not blogging other than the fact that I am a lazy toad so i’ll shall endeavour to write regularly again.

Water, bridge, stuff like that

Well another year is upon us, 2012 – a year of great portent, the Olympics, the Jubilie and the (apparently) impending doom of the end of the world.

As anyone who has tried to keep a diary or write a blog will know, writing regularly is a challenge, especially when each day consists of get up, go to work, get home, eat sleep, repeat and nothing (particularly interesting for others) happens.

The usual stock-in-trade of the Mac Head blogger like me are Apple releases or moans, but apart from the iPhone 4S (which is more or less exactly the same as the original ‘4’) not that much has happened really – just lots of profit and patents.

Work is bizarre at the moment but if you know where I work, you will know it’s not something I can really blog about and remain employed.

Home life is OK but unless you want to hear about my new sofa, which I doubt (although I might poll to see if you do!) there’s not much to write about .

So there you have it, I am leading an unexceptional life and not much is happening in my world, hense my lack of posts recently.

I can start making shit up if you like? No, didn’t think so.

Rest assured PJ fans, I will find something to moan about soon.


Macs no longer to be Pro

The latest rumour from the internets is that Apple are considering canning the Mac Pro product line, because people are not buying them.
Well when they are such a premium product I am not that surprised, however there are many of Apple’s core industries rely on pci-express – Audio, video to name two and for whom an external Thunderbolt card cage’ four lanes is not going to cut it.
Should we be surprised if this happens. No, not really. Look at the XServe, MacOSX server and FinalCutX if you want evidence of Apple’ abandonment of the high-end.
So take a good look at HP’s Z800 because if you are doing anything that needs a little more grunt than an iMac can provide, it will soon be your new best friend.

iPhone4S tariff bizarre’ness from O2

Being an O2 iPhone customer I was eager to see what their tariff prices are for the new iPhone4GS

The first thing I noticed is that they are offiering a 12 Month contract – obviously ready for the upgrade debacle when the iPhone5 is launched.

Secondly they are listing the data as a bolt-on which include Tethering and Visual Voicemail – from £3/month for a measly 100MB through £6 to £10/month which includes 1GB of data allowance, Wifi and a paultry 50 MMS’s.

Reading between the lines it looks like you don’t get Visual VM unless you get a data bolt-on “All our data Bolt Ons include Visual Voicemail and Tethering for iPhone.”

It’s when you start to crunch the numbers it becomes interesting, which if I am reading it right has all the tariffs (except the unlimited) are more or less the same when you factor in the cost of the phone. In fact the 1200 minutes tariff is cheapest of them all!

Here’s a little chart that demonstrates what I found.

So if I stick with O2 (which is likely taking a cursory look at Vodafone’s tariffs for the device) I’ll be signing up to the 12month 1200 minutes tariff and saving myself some cash.





Steven P. Jobs 1955-2011

After many years of battling illness, Steve Jobs – co founder of Apple, has passed away aged 56

I guess in respect for Steve’s Buddhist beliefs, I should probably say moved on.

You could tell that Steve knew he wasn’t long for this life by the way he was getting his affairs in order, in fact it was amazing that he held on to the CEO position for so long into this latest bought of his illness.
Pancreatic Cancer rarely has a good outcome and it’s treatment is very invasive and life changing.
The years that he had after diagnosis were a (painful) gift, and if you listen to speeches he gave I think he understood this, he seemed changed almost humbled by the reality that we are visitors on this planet and have a relatively limited time here and how we use that time is up to us.
Money can make you comfortable, sure but it can’t buy you well and doesn’t guarantee happiness.
It’s the love of friends and family that count, everything else is secondary.

So a chap in America died today, he was a complicated mix of business-man, artist, inventor, perfectionist, some might say tyrant or even genius.

Under his direction, a whole lot of other people have produced some really neat stuff that have informed, entertained and helped millions of other people around the planet, frustrated lots of us and have made others rich (or at least kept some of us gainfully employed for the last 25 years).

So thanks Steve, you know – for all the stuff, it’s been cool.